Letter from the Editor, October 2017

Hello readers, and welcome to the October 2017 edition of The Hurdle Magazine. This issue, like last month’s focus on fall training ideas, as that is what is on all of our minds right about now.

In this month’s issue, there are two articles that are not written by me, as my freelance writers came through for me once again. Fitness expert Melinda Burris Willms is back with another outstanding article, this one entitled “Types of Stretching Techniques and Why Flexibility is Vital to Well-being.” In this article, Willms, using her own knowledge as well as researched material, delves into the do’s and don’t’s of dynamic stretching and static stretching as it pertains to track athletes, and to hurdlers in particular.

Freelance writer Teige West wrote on a very important topic for hurdlers — achilles tendinitis — in his article entitled “Your Achilles Heel — Tendinitis Prevention and Management.” In this heavily researched article, West discusses ways to prevent this chronic injury from occurring, and ways to manage it when it does. When it comes to hurdler injuries, achilles tendinitis is probably toward the very top of the list.

In “Quick-Stepping to Hurding Success,” I discuss the benefits of the quick-step drill that has become my most consistent go-to workout/drill in the fall season as I am addressing technical flaws and establishing an endurance base for my hurdlers.

“The Pros and Cons of Walk-over Drills” is my take on the benefits of these very common drills, and also on their limits. I personally don’t like them, and use them only sparingly, and I explain my rationale in the article.

This month’s workout, “Downhill Sprint workout,” is an excellent off-season workout for hurdlers looking to increase their stride length and their turnover.

For this month’s great race, we take it all the way back to the 1983 World Championship final in the men’s 110 meter hurdles. This race was won by American Greg Foster, and was the first three consecutive WC titles for Foster. The race was thrilling because Foster, a heavy favorite, overcame some serious late race mistakes to hold on for the win over Finland’s Arto Bryggare and fellow American Willie Gault.

I hope you enjoy the articles, and that all is going well with your training thus far. As always, thank you for your support.

Steve McGill

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