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July 10, 2014

Just a quick note to let everyone know that everything is up and running for the GET FAST SPRINT & HURDLE CAMP that will be taking place August 1-3 at Durham Academy in Durham, NC.

Under the “Camp” dropdown menu on the homepage of you will find links to the information page (where you can also register for the camp), a bio page of the camp instructors, and details regarding what the schedule will look like and what the sessions will consist of.

Coach Howell and I are very excited to be doing this camp and very grateful to Durham Academy for accommodating us. We see it as a great opportunity to do what we do best: teach! Coach Howell is a master teacher of sprint mechanics, block starts, and drive phase, while I pride myself on being an excellent evaluator of hurdle technique, and I also love to troubleshoot problems with hurdling mechanics.

Later today I plan to put up a YouTube video providing further details on how Coach Howell and I plan to work together in order to ensure an enjoyable, challenging learning experience for all campers. So be on the look-out for that!

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Get Fast Sprint & Hurdle Camp

July 2, 2014

For today’s blog post I am excited to let everyone know that I’ll be doing two sprint/hurdle camps in the near future with Kevin Howell, the sprint coach at Cary High School in Cary, NC. The first camp will be August 1-3 at Durham Academy in Durham, NC. The second will be October 11-12 at St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, VA.

The camps are for athletes 11-18 years old. Our focus will be on teaching mechanics – block start mechanics, sprinting mechanics, and all aspects of hurdling mechanics.

The name of the camps will be “The Get Fast Sprint & Hurdle Camp,” hosted by The Hurdle Magazine and the host school.

Registration details will be forthcoming; I will have the registration info for the August camp available on this website within the next few days. So check back here on the site and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you have any immediate questions, contact me at

If traveling to NC or VA is an issue for you, and you’d be interested in having the Get Fast Sprint & Hurdle Camp come to your area, then contact me at so we can discuss options.

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Nap Time at the Track

June 25, 2014

I love my track & field, but I ain’t gonna lie. There are times when the meets last so long that taking a good snooze is the only way to make the time go by faster. Like I often say to my non-track-fan friends, if you wanna catch up on your sleep, go to a track meet. Not because the competition isn’t exciting, but because there are so many heats of so many events that meets literally last all day long.

At New Balance Outdoor High School Nationals two weekends ago, my girl was running the 100 meter hurdles. The semi-finals took place at 10:55 Saturday morning. But the finals were held eight hours later, at 6:55, the second-to-last event of the day. With so much time to kill between races, my crew and I spent most of our time chilling in the shade beneath the bleachers.

So of course, one of my athletes, Lamar (yes, the same Lamar who doubted I could clear a 36-inch hurdle), took the opportunity to catch me napping when I dozed off a little while.

So if you find yourself taking a few extended blinks between events at a track meet, let it be known, you’re not the only one!

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