What Does Subscription Get You?

  • Monthly access to the only magazine anywhere that is exclusively dedicated to covering hurdle-related topics.
    • Read more about The Hurdle Magazine HERE
  • An oportunity to read high-quality writing about the hurdling events that you love.
  • A $10.00 Discount on other valuable services offered on this website, including:
    • Thorough, comprehensive analysis of race and/or practice footage.
    • Workout plans that can serve to guide you throughout your training.
    • Skype consultations with Coach Steve McGill, webmaster of
  • This ten dollar discount makes it so that anyone can essentially get a “free” month of The Hurdle Mag by signing up for the magazine along with a subscriber rate of one of our standalone services. Feel free to take advantage of this offer!

How to get a Subscriber Discount?

If you already have a subscription, you’re good to go! Simply add the “Subscriber Discount” version of a product to your shopping cart.

If you want to bundle the two together, simply buy a subscription along with the “discount” version of the item you want. When both are added to your cart, it will allow you to buy the “discount” version of an item. If you do not add the subscription to your cart, you will not be able to receive the discounted rate, and Hurdles First will throw you an error when you attempt to make your purchase.

How does the subscription billing work?

I will use our monthly subscription as an example, but the process is the same with our 3 month, 6 month, and yearly subscriptions.

Once you do buy the subscription, you will be billed by paypal each month automatically for 9.99 USD for your subscription to Hurdles First. All credit card information is handled by Paypal, we DO NOT STORE any of your credit card information. Ever. This means that you can have the utmost confidence that your credit card information is safe with Paypal, the world’s largest online payment system.

How do I cancel my subscription?


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