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McGill Bio

From the Editor

From the Editor The revamped version of and the newly-created The Hurdle Magazine represent a long-time vision of mine that has finally become a reality. Since the content of the first issue is discussed in the introduction video on the website’s homepage, I want to take this space to thank everyone who helped make [...]
Cam Hurdling

An Ode to Life

An Ode to Life “Life is hard sometimes. Life is about recovery.” -George Gervin   This will be the first article I’ve written in over six months. Until recently, I didn’t know if I would ever write another one again. It just didn’t seem to matter anymore. Nothing did. The roots of my despondency dated [...]
Wayne Davis (right), subject of the featured profile of the September issue of The Hurdle Mag.

Profile on Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis II: The Record Chaser “To express yourself, to be unique, to have a unique style, there’s no beginning and there’s no end. It’s an ongoing, never-ending journey. It’s an ocean you never will cross.” -David S. Ware   Introduction In the men’s 110 meter high hurdles, there’s a common assumption – and with [...]
Albert Einstein

Trusting the Imagination

Trusting the Imagination “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert Einstein   As coaches and as athletes, we rely upon knowledge to give us direction. We want to [...]
DO Wilson

World Champs 2013: A Little Old School, A Little New School

World Champs 2013: A Little Old School, A Little New School “It ain’t old school or new school, it’s true school.” –Talib Kweli   In the hurdle events at the 2013 Track & Field World Championships in Moscow this past August, we learned a lot. We learned that experience is a huge key to success, [...]
shin splints ice

Shin Splints: Painful to the Touch

Shin Splints: Painful to the Touch One of the most dreaded injuries known to plague hurdlers is that of the dreaded monster we collectively refer to as shin splints. I don’t think you can run the hurdles and not suffer from shin pain to some degree. In most cases, the pain is manageable and doesn’t [...]
orange cones

Cone Workout

Cone Workout Introduction: This workout is not to be confused with the cone drill, also known as the stick drill, in which cones or sticks are set up a certain distance apart to help athletes increase their stride length. This workout does also address stride length, but it is a workout, not a drill.   [...]
Instructional Video

Instructional Video

Here is our first instructional video, on Lead Leg Mechanics. Steve McGill teaches how to lead with the knee, extend the leg, and cycle the heel back under the hip.   Also look forward to the next issue, when McGill will discuss Trail Leg Mechanics, and we will have improved audio equipment for better sound [...]
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