Exercises and Stretches To Reduce Hip Pain and Tightness

By Teige West

Many hurdlers have hip soreness or pain issues because those muscles and tissues are integral to your sport. The hips provide your body with flexibility to lift your leg over the hurdles, and to keep your balance while holding correct posture, especially for your lead leg (good form goes a long way in preventing injuries!). There are many factors that can cause hip pain. Weak muscles, particularly the glutes, hamstrings and calves, can cause overcompensation by the hip muscles and can also lead to tightening of the weak muscles, which will pull on surrounding tissues. Too much sitting (often unavoidable at work or in class) also causes muscles to contract and shorten, pulling on surrounding tissues. Incorrect form during training can also lead to hip soreness. A hard training schedule can cause pain and fatigue from overuse, but strength exercises and targeted stretching can not only lessen some of this soreness, but will also provide greater flexibility better hurdling form.

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