Body Positioning at Full Speed

by Steve McGill

In last month’s issue, I took a look at the technique of one of my athletes who was doing a cycling drill at slower speeds. This month, I want to take a look at a different athlete, who was doing some full-speed reps out of the blocks. Like I did last month, I’ll use screenshots from video that I took from one of the reps as the basis for my analysis. The athlete we’ll be looking at this month, Joshua Brockman, is a high school junior whom I coach privately. Last summer, before I started working with him, he ran 13.94 at the finals of the Junior Olympics in the 15-16 age group. Working with such an athlete, who has already achieved a high level of success, presents a different type of challenge than the one I am usually faced with, which involves raising a hurdler from puppy-hood.

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