Dealing With A “Loss” When You Run A “Disappointing” Race
by Teige West

Usain Bolt was not always The Fastest Man in the World; consider his performance at the Athens Olympics in 2004. Yes, he was only 17 and he was suffering from an injury, but he finished 5th in the 200m heats. During the 2017 Rio Olympics, Allyson Felix, the most decorated U.S. female runner, lost the 400m, leaving with a silver medal. In one game during the 2017 NBA playoffs, LeBron James only scored 11 points; he was averaging 43 points per game in that series. Even Michael Jordan, The Greatest of All-Time, one of the only NBA players to score over 60 points in a game (actually, he scored over 60 points in five games), had several less-than-10 point games. These four athletes are some of the best athletes in their respective sports who are alive today. We expect them to be invincible. We expect that when they step up to compete, the “W” is already marked in the column. But, sometimes the win isn’t there for whatever reason — injury, a loss of mental focus, a personal issue, or fatigue. Sometimes a race or game doesn’t have our desired fairy tale ending.

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