Body Positioning into and off the Hurdle
by Steve McGill

Before the days of YouTube and long before the modern days of recording every rep of every training session on a smart phone, coaches and athletes alike relied heavily on still photos to gain insight on technical strengths and weaknesses in the hurdles. Nowadays, as much as I value video recordings of reps and the ability to evaluate them on the spot during practice, I still like the advantages of still photos to freeze time. When playing back video footage on my iPhone, I’ll often find myself slowing things down and rewinding, and then taking screen shots of specific moments in the sprint action or hurdling motion. I did some of that with a couple of my athletes from workout sessions two weeks ago (we didn’t train this past weekend due to some snowfall). In this article, I want to look at some of those screen shots and take you through what I see from take-off to touchdown. This month I will focus on a high school girl, Madi, doing a jammed quick-step drill. Madi, from Ohio, comes down to North Carolina on occasion to train with me in warmer weather conditions. She’s a 16.2-16.4 hurdler looking to drop down into the 15’s this year, her junior year.

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