Letter from the Editor, April 2017

Hello readers, and welcome to the April 2017 edition of The Hurdle Magazine. This month’s issues features more articles from freelance writers who did some heavy-lifting research to produce informative articles that can be very beneficial to hurdlers in their training on and off the track. In addition, the hurdler-specific articles that I write remain a constant as well.

In this issue freelance writer Teige West has provided us with another article, this one focusing on strength development for the hurdler. In “Lower Body Lifting for Speed and Power,” West outlines in detail the types of weight room exercises that will increase lower body strength that is specific to speed development in the sprinting and hurdling events.

Fitness expert and freelance writer Melinda Burris Willms has also provided us with another health-related article, “Carbohydrates: The Driving Force for Optimal Physical & Cognitive Performance.” In this article, she discusses the importance of consuming carbs, and the types of carbs to consume, and when.

My podiatrist friend and track coach Dr. Kelsey Armstrong is back again in this issue, with an article entitled “Foot as the Foundation of the Body.” In this very thought-provoking article, Armstrong discusses how important it is to take care of our feet in order to prevent injury to other parts of our body, and the importance of feet to the overall alignment of the entire body.

“Developing a Race Rhythm in the Long Hurdles” is an article I wrote in which I discuss the experimenting and decision-making necessary for the long hurdler to establish a consistent stride pattern in the first half of the race. I’ve always argued that late-race breakdowns are caused by early-race mistakes. This article is designed to provide advice for minimizing early-race mistakes.

This month’s workout, “Race Indicator Workout” is designed for the 300/400m hurdler working to develop speed and rhythm in the first two-thirds of the race. This workout can provide the athlete and coach with a clear idea of what type of time the athlete is capable of running in the upcoming meet.

“Batten and Buford” is this month’s featured great race. Here, I take a look back at the 1995 World Championship final in the women’s 400m hurdles, in which Kim Batten won in a world record time of 52.61, with Tonja Buford right beside her in 52.62. One of the most thrilling races in the history of the sport, it remains my personal favorite.

I hope all of you enjoy the articles, and I hope you are having a productive outdoor season. Thank you for your support!

Steve McGill

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