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Each issue of the magazine will consist of:

  • five full-length articles.
  • one workout that can be incorporated into a hurdler’s training regimen.
  • one instructional video, at least ten minutes in length, focusing on a specific aspect of hurdling technique.

Here’s a further breakdown of the articles:

  1. A full-length biographical profile of a well-known collegiate or professional hurdler or hurdle coach that discusses the entirety of his or her career and includes many insightful quotes.
  2. An article that provides advice regarding training, injury prevention, weight training, or diet. This article will always include insights from a professional in the appropriate field.
  3.  An article that provides a hurdler-specific viewpoint on a debatable issue or thought-provoking topic in Track & Field.
  4. A personal hurdling-related story, written by a hurdler for hurdlers.
  5. An article discussing one or more high-level hurdle races that occurred within the past month. In months when there are no big meets, we will double up on one of the above categories.

We encourage you to browse through the free articles section to get a feel for the type of content and quality of content that will appear in each issue of The Hurdle Magazine. The articles in the free section were written between September of 2004 and April of 2013, so there’s lots of material there to peruse.

The January 2015 Issue of The Hurdle Magazine is Out!

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