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If you are an athlete, the parent of an athlete, or the coach of an athlete who would like to receive private coaching from Steve McGill, please read the bulleted list below detailing what a typical two-day private coaching session would consist of. Then fill out the questionnaire and we will get back to you promptly. If you have any questions, contact me at Check out the “Testimonials” link and my bio page, both on this site, to learn more of my credentials and to hear the feedback of athletes I have coached in the past.


What We Teach:

  • Sprint drills (A skips, B skips, high knees) to establish proper sprint mechanics as the basis for efficient hurdling mechanics.
  • Hurdle drills at slow speeds (and possibly lower heights) to identify and address technical flaws. These drills will be tailored to the specific needs of the individual athlete.
  • Block work to teach block settings, the drive to the first hurdle, and the transition from hurdle one to hurdle two. Experimenting with 7-stepping could be an option for advanced athletes who are eager to try.
  • Starts over five or more hurdles to establish race rhythm and becoming more efficient in the second half of the race.
  • Stride pattern work for 300/400m hurdlers over the first three hurdles.
  • Alternating drills for 300/400m hurdlers.
  • If the athlete prefers to focus more on the long hurdle race, then workouts that involve more volume can be expected.



  • Prior to the first training session, I will meet with you the athlete, your parents, and/or  your coach to discuss your specific needs, goals, flaws, and strengths so that we can develop a session-by-session plan.
  • Coaches and parents are free to film the training sessions.
  • Upon completion of the final workout, I will provide a list of suggested workouts and drills that you the athlete can continue doing to build on the progress made during the sessions.
  • The fee for each workout is $50. A typical two-day session would consist of 3-4 workouts. If I am traveling to your location, then you would also be expected to pay traveling expenses.
  • If you live in the Raleigh, NC area and would like to make a more permanent private coaching arrangement, then the fees would be lower, and can be discussed on an individual basis.


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