First and foremost, is an educational site, and The Hurdle Magazine is an educational magazine. Our purpose is to help hurdlers with their hurdling, to help hurdle coaches with their coaching, and to do so in a way that instructs, informs, and inspires. We seek to appeal to your intellectual mind, enabling you to see that there are many ideas out there that could prove beneficial to you, but that there are no ideas that are inherently beneficial to all. Even more significantly, we seek to appeal to your imagination. It is our hope that the articles and stories that you read, and the videos that you watch on this site will inspire you to think of your own ideas for new drills, workouts, and training methods, and that you will feel motivated to share your story and knowledge with others. We hope also that you will feel your love for the hurdles increase, and that you will feel a genuine connection with other hurdlers and hurdle coaches around the world who share your passion.

We want to emphasize that we are not a news site, that our focus is not on providing coverage of track meets and discussing the latest races. There are plenty of sites on the internet that do that type of thing quite well, and our purpose is not to compete with them. While there will be plenty of discussion of big races on this site, it will be in the spirit of technical analysis that demystifies the greatness of the stars and makes their accomplishments comprehensible.

It is our hope that you will find this site to be a fantastic resource for all of your hurdling-related needs, and that it comes to feel like a place you can call home. Thank you,

The and The Hurdle Magazine Team

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