Milburn Biography Update

June 20, 2016

A little bad news / good news. The bad news is that I’ve taken down the biography of Rodney Milburn from the website. The good news has to do with the reason why I’ve taken it down: I have found a publisher who has expressed interest in publishing the book. So, obviously, if I want people to buy the book, I can’t have it available for free. I’ll keep you posted through this blog on the progress /  process of publication. This will be my first time through as a published author (except for a self-publishing venture about fifteen years ago), so I will be learning the process as I go.

The story of Rodney Milburn is a remarkable one, an inspiring one, and it is one that needs to be told on as large a stage as possible. Hopefully this publication opportunity will serve to do just that – keep alive the memory and legacy of one of the greatest hurdlers who ever laced up a pair of spikes.

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